Dear Dream Reader

Dear Dream Reader,

A bloger writes so that people can read, the blogsphere flourishes because of both parties so I would like to start by thanking you for reading thus far and I hope you will come back.

I don’t know you but I like to think if you clicked on a health and wellness blog its because you care about your personal health and that of your family and friends. While I am not a health expert, I hope I can share health tips and nutritious recipes which I have picked up and will probably be picking up on my personal health journey.

If you clicked on this blog because you associate the name and “gele” (head tie) with Naija and thought “omo wa ni” (she is one of us) then I hope you will come back as I will be taking our most popular dishes and putting a healthy spin on them without having to spend a fortune.

And if you clicked on the blog because you are a friend or sibling of mine and wondering what Funmi is up to this time, then you have no choice but to visit this blog regularly, otherwise remember I know where you live! 🙂

So whatever your reason for giving this blog a second click, I hope this will be a learning ground for bloger and reader alike as we walk our way to a healthier life.

Love Funmi


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